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Please help…

My friend is in trouble. I would appreciate it if you guys could help her by donating some money or simply reblogging this for more people to know. She is a very kind and caring person, but has financial problems and it makes her anxious. She and her family suffers a lot, often they have nothing to eat. Her father has health issues, so he cannot work anymore. The government does not help her family. She cannot work yet, because she is in high school and has to pay off a certain amount of money to finish it. Unfortunately, my family has financial problems too, so I cannot help that much, the only thing I could do is cheering her up and ask for an art commission. I cannot afford myself more, but I would be very happy if you guys could help her. She deserves a good life too, and I do not want to see her sad, crying, and anxious because she and her family has nothing to eat.

You can donate money here.

This is her blog and you can find information about commission prices here.

Thank you.






they want to go fishing but ICE

bald eagles look grumpy on their best days but this is grumpy waddling and it is amazing


what kind of evolutionary mess


The daily life of Rin Matsuoka 

( ๑•́ •̀๑) ~  ( ̄へ ̄井) 

This was the most fun to make omg

Srsly though this is the most under-appreciated babe on the webernet lemme tell u